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About Us

About Us
ALL ASSAM PUBLISHERS & BOOKSELLERS ASSOCIATION (AAPBA ) established in the year 1953 with an aim to protect the overall interest of the Publishers & Booksellers of this region. Constitution of the Association formed to operate democratically. AAPBA is determined to develop the North Eastern language & literature in the different field of education. AAPBA expands the culture & heritage of this region nationally & internationally. The association maintains and co-ordinate a relation between writers, publishers & booksellers. The association joins hand with various Government and nongovernment organization to fight for any social cause. AAPBA formed a public committee which includes eminent intellectual, student organization, Writers, and other organization.

Aim : To promote reading habits among all section of people. Promote regional culture & heritage. Promoting creative writers & poets of the region.


All Assam Publishers & Book Sellers Association organizes NORTH EAST BOOK FAIR - the mega event of this region since 1998.
AAPBSA also organizes district level book fairs with the help of district administration of different district.

AAPBSA encourages opening libraries in different institutes, departments and clubs. Recently the Association has reorganized and developed a library for the cancer patient of the B BAROOAH CANCER INSTITUTE, Guwahati.

Every year AAPBSA honors Authors of great repute with laurels and cash and also pay cash to the needy ailing people. AAPBSA donates during any natural calamities.

Source of Income

All Assam Publishers & Book Sellers Association generate funds from membership fees, donation, sale of entry tickets and the advertisements received during the book fairs. All the expenses of the association incurred from the above fund.


All Assam Publishers & Book Sellers Association appeals to all governments organization and private organization to provides the fund to achieve all of its objectives and the projects for the overall benefits of the society, culture, literature and language of this region.

Future Projects

The Association is keen to organize seminars, fairs, and workshop, etc. if financial help comes from any Government or any other sources. AAPBSA is very much interested in organizing “Sahitya Utsav” in the border areas of the North Eastern States to develop the ethnic relation among the neighboring states.

The Association is also taken two important projects:-

1. To publish “GRANTHAPANJI”-a book list of all published books of Assam till the present time.
2. To publish “ ASSAMESE BOOK INDUSTRY”- a history of Publishers and Book Sellers.

AAPBSA is also taken an initiative to translate the popular Assamese classics in English.
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